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Over 10,000 nursess in 45 states and 25 countries manage their health clinics with SNAP Health Center. Their satisfaction is our top priority.   We revolutionized the way nurses interact with their health clinics. Our success has been driven by a passion for exceptional healthcare. Read about our customer’s experiences to learn how great software changed their world. 


“SNAP is the best thing we ever did for nursing documentation!”


“My favorite SNAP feature are the reports!!! Data tracking shows school nurses do make a DIFFERENCE!”


“My documentation was subpoenaed because there was a legal issue between parents. The incident was between their children while our attending school and the incident occurred 9 months prior. I was not required to appear in court as the District Attorney said my documentation was so good that I should teach other nurses “good documentation for legal issues”. The DA stated he wished everyone had such great records. All I had to do was print the accident report from SNAP and everything was included for me. I thank God that I have SNAP every single day.”


“SNAP has been a valuable asset to our RN dept in the Albany City School District… The tech dept is by far the most informative, patient and helpful tech dept I have ever worked with, thank you!”


“My favorite feature is the immunization state download and tracking feature. It saves an abundance of time, it’s like having an assistant when it comes to tracking compliance, then just to click and print out a form letter. LOVE IT!!”


“As a School Nurse who is also our district’s Medicaid Billing Clerk I can’t tell you how happy I am with SNAP! The templates that can be set up and used cut our charting time tremendously, they listen to my suggestions for upgrades, the Medicaid billing portion is easy to use and technical support is readily available when we need it. We had our Medicaid audit last month after using SNAP for the first time last year for charting and billing. All of the information was neat and orderly and we were able to present it to the auditor who said it had everything they needed.”


“I Love SNAP technical support because they are always quick to respond & NEVER laugh at my queries! SNAP has changed my life & keeps me coming back to work each day.”


“There were about 36,000 nursing encounters last year. SNAP requires fewer clicks. It was designed by a school nurse, and even after a few days we felt that is was an important improvement”


“I have never worked with such a nurse friendly program before! This program talks in the nursing language and allows us to pull out statistics that satisfy the curiosity of the education administrators that never quite seem to know what we do. I love that I can group process immunizations and screenings—5 clicks to chart a class of hearing screenings! I can’t wait to become proficient in all its uses—I already feel that has made a significant change in our lives!…This program is a dream come true!”


“Our school district uses SNAP and have found it very valuable in our effort to have improved immunization compliance…SNAP even picks up on incorrect intervals, and finds missed immunizations as students move up in grade level. We have been able to tell PCP offices, and even the health department, what immunizations are missing or given inappropriately. SNAP makes evaluating immunizations so much easier on our nurses!”


“I have used SNAP for several years and continue to be very happy with both the program itself and with the easily accessible, helpful technical staff. While I was all cautious about using an electronic record keeping system.”


“SNAP Health Center is an invaluable part of my Health Office. Having SNAP Health Office allows me to spend more time with the students and less time worrying about documentation.”


“I cannot thank you all enough for your genuine kindness in supporting set up and making me and others feel like we really knew what we were doing! SNAP nurses and technical support have been priceless in the value of ease of the MA Essential School Health Services Grant monthly reports! A couple of click click click and done!!”


“SNAP health portal allows for instant, accurate, easy communication and the sharing of information with and from parents. It is leading us to a nearly paperless communication system saving time and money for our institution and families. It has shown to be user friendly allowing parents to feel better informed about the care their student is receiving during the school day.”

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