Student Health Records

The student health record is the foundation of SNAP Health Center. From the health record, all data stored for the student may be accessed from the current or archived years. The design allows data entry for any area without having to leave the record or reselect the student. Simple one-click navigation is used to move between the different areas of the record and multiple windows may be open at the same time for multi-tasking during documentation. Student health information is separated into the following areas: Student Information, Demographics, Contacts, Flow Charts, Immunizations, Absences, Health Conditions/Alerts, Screenings, Medication and Treatment Orders, History, Billing, and IHPs.

Demographic and enrollment data automatically updates from the student information system (SIS) interface on a district defined schedule. All current and historical health information is stored in the record and is easily transferable from school to school and retrieved from archives as needed. Visual/auditory notifications automatically appear for any health condition/alert for immediate identification of high risk students. Customizable form letters with student specific data can be printed or emailed (with encryption) directly from within the record. Dedicated areas for narrative notes include open, confidential (access with security clearance) or private user access are available in every record.

Points of Interest:
  • Student data imported directly into student Health Records from your school’s administration program to avoid tedious data entry
  • Powerful search engines allow quick look-up of specific student records
  • Straightforward design allows quick navigation to the information you need
  • Student photos display for identification and security purposes
  • Unlimited documentation allowed in each section of the Health Record
  • Customizable and printable Health Records
  • All “note” areas have word processing features
  • Customizable labels for mailing or organizing
  • Powerful filter allows student records to be searched and grouped based on specific criteria to review/document
  • Customizable Form Letters for any issue/topic
  • Complete Health Records are easily transferable to other schools using SNAP Health Center