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School nurses are facing increased pressures from every direction. Overwhelming amounts of paperwork, strict administrative policies, diminishing school budgets and serious concerns regarding legal liabilities leave an insufficient amount of time and resources to provide students with the quality of care they deserve. For many years, Professional Software for Nurses, Inc. (PSNI) has dedicated itself to helping nurses with these growing challenges by creating software designed specifically for the school health clinic.

SNAP Health Center is a comprehensive medical documentation and tracking software suite that manages every aspect of student health related data.

A computerized health clinic is a stream-lined one. This user-friendly software allows you to quickly review a student’s visit history, screening progress, immunization status and current medications all from a single location. Powerful tools, such as in-depth reporting, Medicaid billing, customized form letters and one-click visit documentation allow you to easily analyze health data and promote communication in ways that have never before been possible. Implementing SNAP Health Center into your health clinic is the most cost effective way to simplify your daily routine and maintain organized and secure student medical records.

Why wait? Come and learn more about the clinical and financial benefits SNAP Health Center and our other software products have to offer you. And don’t forget to check out the testimonial section to see what other school nurses from around the world are saying about us!

PSNI is pleased to announce that we are now an independent software vendor (ISV) with Pearson, the makers of PowerSchool®, the leading student information system.

PowerSchool® is the fastest-growing, and most widely used web-based student information system available. The interface between PowerSchool® and SNAP Heath Center allows for automatic synchronization of student demographics, emergency contacts, and critical health data. This ensures that the most up-to-date information is always accessible, especially during times of medical crisis.

As part of the ISV Partner program, PSNI and PowerSchool® will continue to work closely together to ensure full program compatibility and provide a framework for future interface enhancements. This partnership furthers our efforts to provide the best quality products and services to school health clinics across the country.

For more information on how to easily interface PowerSchool with SNAP Health Center, call a PSNI sales representative at 800-889-7627, select option #1.

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