About Us

"Caring Through Technology”
...is the cornerstone of our business

Professional Software for Nurses, Inc. was created expressly for the unique needs of school nurses. Each product addresses the technological challenges of documenting professional care simply and correctly in real time. Especially in this era of multiple caregivers and interdisciplinary healthcare, the more clearly, completely and accurately a nurse communicates, the better the outcome for the patient. School nurses have the added challenge of communicating and coordinating with community and school staff providers who often have no medical training at all. For school nurses, it is not enough for professional documentation to be just good…it must be excellent.

PSNI was the creation of a husband and wife team, Peter and Sharon Redes. As a school nurse, Sharon was getting increasingly frustrated with the unsecured, hard to manage and often indecipherable paper and pen documentation system traditional to the field in the early 90’s. With a background in engineering and programming, Peter set out to help Sharon computerize her health office. Together, they were able to design and implement one of the very first school nurse documentation software programs in the industry. Good news travels fast, and soon Sharon’s fellow school nurses wanted the program for themselves. Peter and Sharon became advocates for the school nurse and together decided to continue to improve and expand their software program on a full-time basis.

PSNI now has more than 2600 registered users in over 24 countries worldwide. They provide school nursing documentation software solutions to public, private, residential, special needs schools and colleges all over the globe. Everyday school nurses from across the globe depend on the unflagging performance of their SNAP Health Center software.

Currently, PSNI is the only school nurse software company that is a Microsoft® Certified Partner. Microsoft® rigorously tested SNAP Health Center to determine if PSNI met the Microsoft® requirements for Windows® XP and Microsoft® levels of proficiency. SNAP Health Center and PSNI passed with flying colors.

PSNI employs only the best professionals. The staff has over 28 combined years of hands-on school nursing experience and over 43 years of software engineering experience. PSNI has earned the respect and loyalty of school nurses worldwide. The entire staff is committed to serving the needs of their customers and works year round to live up to the company’s reputation of being the best school nursing software company in the industry.

Since its inception in September 1992, PSNI has devoted itself to the school nursing cause. They have spoken out and fought for improvements on behalf of school nurses for many years. By paying close attention and listening to their clients on a daily basis, they have been able to stay ahead of constantly changing nursing trends. It is PSNI’s goal to help the voice of the school nurse be heard and spread a greater understanding of the important work they do… caring for the health of our children.