National Nurses Week

All Rock Star Nominations of 2024

During the celebration of National Nurses Week, we invited all SNAP School Nurses to share stories of exceptional school nurses, and the response was overwhelming from every corner of the nation. The dedication, hard work, and compassion you exhibit towards your students and colleagues is truly remarkable. It was so heart-warming to receive such incredible stories of School Nurses. Thank you for sharing with us a glimpse into the work of school nurses. We truly appreciate YOU!

We want to recognize all  100+ School Nurse nominations we received.

Thank you for everything you do! 


Callie Doiron  Paradise Valley Unifed Schools
Cari Wright  Acton Agua Dulce Unified Schools
Grace Mosher Norwalk Public Schools
Lauren Young  Wallingford Public Schools
Holly Harding  Boulder County Day School
Monica Tibben Earlham Community Schools
Molly Montrie * Saint Theresa School 
Ellen Fair  Clark Pleasant Community Schools
Jen Caldwell * Clark Pleasant Community Schools
Kristi Anorga  Clark Pleasant Community Schools
Lisa Monge  Clark Pleasant Community Schools
Pamela Burton  Clark Pleasant Community Schools
Emily Ogle  Clark Pleasant Community Schools
Beth DeHart * Clark Pleasant Community Schools
Marlene Cooper * Clark Pleasant Community Schools
Julie Eastham  Clark Pleasant Community Schools
Amy Kitley  Franklin Township Schools 
Sonya Rutledge Franklin Township Schools 
Chris Sullivan Greenfield-Centeral Schools
Jill Wolber  North Newton School Corp.
Julie Schropp Holy Spirit Catholic School
Margaret Countee  KS School for the Deaf 
Jenny Crowell, BSN RN Seaman USD 345
Kathryn Mosiman * Sedgwick Public Schools USD 439
Kris Pfeifer * Wichita Public Schools USD 259
Melyssa Pelletier  Madawaska Schools
Anna Kerkhoff  Agawam Public Schools 
Jody Omohundro Amesbury Public Schools
Doreeen Crowe Arlington Public Schools
Maeve McCuine  Arlington Public Schools 
Nancy Hopkins  Ashland Public Schools 
Elizabeth Kelly-Kisloski  Bridgewater-Raynham Regional Schools
Eleanor Hurley  Brockton Public Schools
Gabriela Saliga  Crossroads Continuum School
Sheila Bennett Dedham Public Schools
Grace Terry  Farmington River Elementary
Jean Hobbie  Hatfield Public Schools 
Michaela Litzener  Collaborative for Ed. Services
Nicole Viveiros  Holy Name School Fall River
Denise Guignard  Lawrence School District
Pam Vaughan  Lexington School District
Cailtyn Ciborowski Ludlow Public Schools
Katie May * Narragansett Regional Schools
Erin Callahan  North Andover Schools
Joanne Earner Pembroke Public Schools 
Monica Tibben Perkins School for the Blind
Jessica Madagril  Fitchnurg Public Schools
Allison Wilk St. Mary's Catholic School Mansfield
Sandra Malzone * Stoneham Public Schools
Theresa Staulo  Stoughton Public Schools
Vanessa Patramanis Sutton Public Schools
Kristen Koneczny  Sutton Public Schools
Jennifer Chapman Westfield Public Schools
Jennifer Dubreuil-LaPanne  Westfield Public Schools
Lyudmila "Lyuda" Solohkin Wilie Ross School for the Deaf
Sarah Lee  Woburn Public Schools
Damaris Ashley  Worcester Public Schools
MaryPat Martella  Worcester Public Schools 
Denise Gosselin  Worcester Public Schools 
Gina Goggins  Worcester Public Schools 
Cathy Miller  Allegany County Schools
Becca Litton  Lee's Summit Schools
Adrienne Petrini * Lee's Summit Schools
Megan Winfrey  Liberty Public Schools
Joan Metzger  St Peter School 
Shay Backes  St. Therese School

*Nurse nominated by multiple people. 

Katie Schipano  Fremont Schools
Heather Boyd * Hampton Falls Schools
Lauire Cook  SAU 21
Kendra Strout  SAU 23
Casey Bly  SAU 95 
Kathy Butcher  Sunapee Schools
Debbie King  Freehold Township
Cara Borgia  Freehold Township
Mary Garwood  Harrison Township
Dr. Cythia Samuel  Irvington School District 
Marilyn Crawford New Brunswick Public
Morgan Legters  Clymer Central Schools
Linda Degelsmith  Harrison Central Schools
Pam Weber  KIPP Troy Prep Charter School
Jill A. Kenney Pine Valley Central
Mary E. Downey South Colonie Central Schools
Tricia Conklin  Southwestern Central Schools
Kathryn Lanigan West Seneca Central Schools
Rebecca Boxler West Seneca Central Schools
Michelle Keib West Seneca Central Schools
Emily Phipps  Catawba County Public Schools 
Kayla Donnelly Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
Ashely Hyatt Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
Joyce Dunham  Carroll High School 
Eva Garchar  Columbia Intermediate School
Karen Ferarelli Columbia Intermediate School
Carly Gray  Piqua City Schools
Keri Scott  Piqua City Schools
Liana Michael  Piqua City Schools
Lindsey Clark  Piqua City Schools
Michelle McNeill  Piqua City Schools
Jennifer Reimbold-Conley Catoosa Public Schools
Brandi Glasscock Collinsville Public Schools
Donna Tercha  Catasauqua Area Schools
Lisa Pindell City Charter High Schools
Carrie Bluementhal  Council Rock Schools
Elana Sharon * Independence Charter School
Marci Kelly  Titusville Area Schools
Annie Johnson Woodland Hills Schools
Denise Unruh Beaufort County School District
Dyana McCracken  Beaufort County School District
Rhonda Corley  Beaufort County School District
Eloise Langenhuizen  Beaufort County School District
Mary Roddy  Beaufort County School District
Jennifer Robinson  Beaufort County School District
Diane Reaves  Beaufort County School District
Melanie Samol * Laurens 55 Schools 
Libby Houchins * Sullivan County Schools
Ivy Washington Aldine ISD
Debbie Mallory King's Acadmey 
Bertha Oaxaca  Socorro ISD
Louise B. Mongeon  Burlington Schools
Shannon Niemiec  Kurn Hattin Homes for Children 
Rebecca Olmstead Windham Southeast SU
Anna Haymaker  Salem City Schools
Michelle Sheehan Fairfax Town Schools
Meredith Garner  Faison Center School 
Barbara Scott  Richmond Schools
Cyndi Donnelly  Kennewick Schools
Jessie Thomas  Monroe County Schools
Kelsey Mann Monroe County Schools
GUAM (US Territory)  
Cheryll Quiaoit * Guam Public Schools 
Bannuar Quiaoit Guam Public Schools 
Shane Garrido Guam Public Schools 
Kimberly Edusma Guam Public Schools 

Stay tuned for next year's nominations! 


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