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Aug 30, 2022


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Tips for School Nurses: Starting the New School Year as Painlessly as Possible!

The start of the new school year is always exciting, always challenging, and always hectic. Emphasis on “hectic!” There are a lot of things school nurses need to plan and take care of before the first student walks through the door. In this 30-minute free webinar, Jennifer Norton – one of PSNI’s staff RNs and herself a school nurse – will share some tips and strategies that can be helpful to school nurses in preparing for the new school year. And because Jennifer, and all the PSNI nurses, talk with hundreds of school nurses each year, Jennifer will also be able to share some of the lessons we’ve learned from our customers nationwide.

This should be a fun, informative, and fast-moving webinar that will give school nurses real tools that they can use.

Audience members will have an opportunity to submit questions to the speaker.

This is a 30-minute free webinar open to anyone to attend

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