SNAP State Reports

Many states have specific and complicated reporting requirements. To simplify this process, we built customized reporting tools.

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Our SNAP State Report add-ons automatically generate the information your state requires, in the correct format, with a few simple clicks— saving you countless hours and ensuring accuracy of your data.

“I cannot thank you all enough for your genuine kindness in supporting set up and making me and others feel like we really knew what we were doing! SNAP nurses and technical support have been priceless in the value of ease of the MA Essential School Health Services Grant monthly reports!… click click and done!! ”

— Ann M. Klaver, DNP, MSN, RN, Southeast Region School Nurse Consultant,
MA DPH Essential School Health Services
Brockton Public Schools, MA

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Massachusetts - The Comprehensive School Health services (CSHS) report captures all health data for the Monthly and Annual Reports required for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH).

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Florida - The Florida Report of School Health Services captures all health data for the Monthly and Annual Reports required by the FL DOH.

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New Jersey - The Health History and Appraisal (A-45) form can be printed from SNAP Health Center as required by the state to capture data from health records such as BMI, concussions / TBI, etc.

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Pennsylvania - The School Health Annual Reimbursement Request System (SHARRS) Report is submitted annually to the PA Department of Health (DOH) and Division of School Health (DSH).

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Texas - The TX School Health Services Report generator is a combination of the following (4) annual state reports: Spinal Screening Report (M-51), Vision Screening Report (M-62), Hearing Screening Report (M-52), and the Annual Report of Immunization Status.

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Illinois - The IL Dental Screening Exam Report tracks data for all kindergarten, grade 2, and grade 6 oral health screenings to submit to the IL Department of Public Health.

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Vermont - The VT EHR Surveillance Report is submitted to the DPH in order to track statewide health trends based on percentage of the absences and type of illness (e.g. GI and flu-like symptoms).

Asthma Surveillance Report

PSNI is committed to collaborating on projects that improve the health of students nationwide. Toward that end, we have partnered with Boston Public Schools and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to develop an Asthma Surveillance Report. The report’s goal is to identify how the health services provided by school nurses affect students with asthma.

Student health data are captured for the report from the day-to-day documentation that school nurses already provide within SNAP Health Center. This allows school, district, and state-level leaders to track and compare trends among particular schools over time. This report will be available to all schools, in all states shortly.

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