EHR Data Conversions

Many school districts are finding a need to replace their existing EHR software or Medicaid billing software systems for many reasons.

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PSNI has extensive experience converting data from legacy or unreliable EHRs to SNAP Health Center, and SNAP Health Center is named as one of the top EHRs schools are using to replace their current system.

“I have used SNAP for several years and continue to be very happy with both the program itself and with the easily accessible, helpful technical staff. While I was cautious about using an electronic record keeping system, the ease of use and confidentiality SNAP provides us has made record keeping simpler and more accurate. I would recommend SNAP to any School Nurse.”

— Sue Baumes, RN, CSN, School Nurse
Garnet Valley School District, PA

Extract. Analyze. Convert

Changing school health software providers can be challenging. How can you make sure you don’t lose your student health records and other critical information when converting? How can you transfer this information from one program to another easily, without resorting to time-consuming manual data entry?

PSNI specializes in extracting, analyzing, and converting existing student health data from other software systems to SNAP Health Center. We’ve built a simple conversion tool to make this process easier, so you don’t feel trapped into using a system you’re not happy with. We’ll convert your data from several different school health software at no charge.

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Reasons To Replace

If your district uses an EHR software system that does not meet your needs, it might be an opportune time to consider switching to SNAP Health Center.

We know you have a lot of reasons why you may be looking at replacing your current EHR / EMR software, so let’s jump right in with the top reasons and questions that we are seeing from schools across the nation:

  • Which EHR software systems can you convert?
  • Our EHR software is overly cumbersome to use
  • Our EHR system has been discontinued
  • Our EHR vendor does not offer customer service that supports our nursing staff
  • Our EHR supplies us with unreliable data
  • Our EHR software is not FERPA / HIPAA compliant
  • Our EHR vendor is not financially stable
  • Our EHR is too simple and cannot get meaningful data from it

If you are considering replacing your EHR, you are in good company. Over 800 schools have switched to SNAP Health Center and have trusted PSNI to migrate their data. Contact us to learn more about this service.

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Making the Switch is a SNAP

See how SNAP Health Center saved staff countless hours, improved documentation, and led to better student health care. Over 800 schools have switched to SNAP Health Center and have trusted PSNI to migrate their data.

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