SNAP Health Portal

Open communication is fundamental to preventative care, and our portal supports the exchange of critical information in a fast, secure, and meaningful way.

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The SNAP Health Portal is optional add-on software that connects school health clinics, school staff, and parents to optimize students’ well-being. Improve the flow of information while boosting parent response rates and district staff involvement.

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School Nurse Benefits

  • Enhance communication with parents and school staff for better care management
  • Nurse-controlled information sharing on a need-to-know basis
  • Modernize and streamline with a paperless health clinic
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District Staff Benefits

  • Quickly view students’ up-to-date and accurate emergency card and critical health information
  • Immediate access to students’ Emergency Action Plans (EAPs)
  • Secure online access with encrypted data transfer
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Parent Benefits

  • Securely access, review, update and submit child’s current health and medical information
  • Convenient 24-hour access from any computer or mobile device
  • Submit online health forms with electronic-signatures

“SNAP health portal allows for instant, accurate, easy communication and the sharing of information with and from parents (allowing them to feel better informed). It is leading us to a nearly paperless communication system saving time and money for our institution and families.”

— Sarah Garey, BSN, RN, NCSN, CDAC
Director of Health Services St. Johnsbury Academy, Vermont

Parent Portal

Driving enhanced communication anytime, anywhere, the SNAP Health Portal gives parents access to view and update their child’s school health information in real-time. With a secure login and encrypted data transfer, parents can safely access their child’s health information from any computer or mobile device.

  • Update Critical Health Information
  • Electronically Sign & Submit Forms
  • Review Screening Results
  • Upload Medical Forms
  • Authorize OTC Orders*
  • Monitor Health Clinic Visits*

*may be restricted from the portal per nurse and/or district discretion

What’s more, automatic email notifications immediately alert parents when new information is available, medication refills are needed, immunization status becomes non-compliant, or forms need to be signed. Through a built-in messaging system, parents can communicate directly with the school nursing staff— eliminating missed calls or games of phone tag.

From within SNAP Health Center, school nurses are immediately notified when any changes are made by parents. New information is flagged to make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed and critical changes must be acknowledged. Nurses also can view a log of recent parent activity.

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Staff Portal

The SNAP Health Portal for district staff gives teachers and administrators immediate access to critical student health information. From the secure, web-based portal, staff can safely view student emergency cards and important health information such as allergies, conditions, and emergency action plans (EAPs). Additional information, such as visits, medications, screenings, flow charts, and vaccine records, is available to staff on a need-to-know basis.

The staff portal is fully integrated with SNAP Health Center, allowing school nurses to control the information that is shared based on staff roles, student grade levels, and activities. Information is shared in real time, ensuring that communication between the school health clinic and staff is always accurate.

Better communication leads to better care.