PSNI has a culture history as well as a product history. There is only one way a company can successfully maintain such a high degree of flexibility and relevancy in its products… and that is by maintaining a cohesive group of motivated leaders who take pride in what they create together and have a deep respect for those that use their products. These are difficult goals to achieve and they can only occur in a work culture where each person has a sense of satisfaction and empowerment by the company they work for.

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Peter Redes

Co-founder and CEO

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Peter began his career as an engineer and rose through the ranks at Raytheon to become chief engineer of the Marine division in the US. Leading a team of over 80, he successfully designed the most profitable and reliable commercial marine radar on the market and holds three patents for marine radar displays. Following this career, Peter applied his passion for software programming and co-created PSNI with his wife, Sharon Redes, NP, MSN, RN. Since 1992, Peter has been directly responsible for all operations and business development. With more than 30 years working alongside school healthcare professionals, he has extensive experience developing innovative EHR software for K-12 schools.

Peter graduated from Lowell Technological Institute in Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Peter loves to spend time with family – traveling, dining, and telling jokes. He toggles his free time between relaxing by the ocean on the island of Maui and Germany, where he visits his oldest daughter and grandsons.

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Tami Lariviere

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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Tami has spent over 17 years working in K-12 Healthcare Technology, Service and Sales. She started with PSNI in 2001 and has held various roles throughout the years with extensive experience in all critical aspects of successful project management and deployment. For the last 4 years, she has led the Sales team covering both US and International markets. Tami also directs the PSNI Partner Program and is experienced in prospecting, contract negotiations and management of strategic business relationships. In addition, she works with her marketing team to tell the PSNI story, educate and advocate on behalf of the school nurse and raise awareness for PSNI award-winning products.

Tami holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

When Tami unplugs from work, you will find her juggling her roles between playing dress-up princess with her young daughter, chasing her Springer Spaniel and traveling with her husband. She enjoys the success of a full garden during the summer and will never turn down the opportunity to see a Broadway Show.

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Terrie Hamlin, BS, RN

Vice President of Nursing Informatics

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Terrie has worked in Health Informatics (HIT) for more than 18 years. Following a multi-specialty nursing career, Terrie’s last clinical experience specialized in school nursing. She began working for PSNI in 2000, and for the past 15 years, has been the Health Informatics lead, working directly with program developers to collaborate on the design, content and workflow of SNAP Health Center. She engages with state and federal organizations to ensure school EHRs are part of the HIT conversation and keeps abreast of upcoming changes to state and federal regulations and recommendations.

Terrie received her RN and Bachelor of Science degree from New England College. Terrie has also completed the certificate program for Health Informatics Technology from Columbia University.

Outside of work, Terrie enjoys reading, dabbling in creative video editing, and looks forward to creating inspired crafts with her two young granddaughters.

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Dennis Savina

Vice President of Technology

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Dennis is the Vice President of Technology at PSNI. With a BSCS degree, he has over 25-years of software design experience with 14-years as the lead engineer at PSNI. He holds special certificates in C# and Microsoft .net. Dennis is responsible for leading a team of degreed engineers in all aspects of EHR development. His specialties include program and database design and development, UI design, and networking design and implementation. As the Information Security Officer, he designed the hosting infrastructure and maintains the server farm with a focus on high availability, scalability, maintainability and up-time.