Who's Using SNAP Health Center & Why?

With over 3300 registered users in more than 28 countries, PSNI has risen to prominence as the leader in school nursing software. We have been able to do this by listening to our customers. The most valuable information we receive comes from you- so here’s a big “thank you” to everyone who’s written in to tell us about their experience with SNAP Health Center. Although we publish only a few comments, all submissions are read, considered, appreciated and important… so keep them coming!

If you would like to share your experience with SNAP Health Center (and possibly get it published here) email us - we love to hear how we’re doing!

“I prefer SNAP to any program I have seen or worked with, and find the support above and beyond the support for most any software I have ever used.”
        Sue Pohlkamp, RN
        School Nurse, Mosinee, WI
        July 2008

“I would like to tell you how valuable the SNAP program has been to my clinic. It is very user friendly and professional. Documentation is a very important part of nursing and this program enables me to document quickly and effectively. I love the many different options I have with making reports. I utilize the accident report to go along with the school accident referral form when needed. I am required to report on the number of children/staff seen each month and why. Without this important tool, my job would be much harder. I love being able to document my daily and PRN medications and have the capability to look up conditions and allergies. I would highly recommend that all school nurses use this program... The support staff for the SNAP program are always helpful and friendly. Thanks so much for all that you do to support our profession.”
        Dawn Wilson, RN
        School Nurse, Ocean Springs, MS
        June 2008

“Our district has been using SNAP for the past 8 years. The nurses have found the training and support to be excellent. The program is very user-friendly and allows for customization to meet the needs of the students and nurses. The reports are outstanding, and they have provided us with invaluable data to support our work. SNAP has made a tremendous difference in our district and it has enabled us to improve health services and student outcomes.”
        Marie DeSisto, RN, MSN
        Director of Nurses at Waltham Public Schools, Waltham, MA
        June 2008

“We have been so glad that we purchased your software. The software is well thought out. The [SNAP] tech support has been a lifesaver. In my district, nursing is not a high priority for our tech support. It has been great to call and get QUICK answers to our questions. Thanks.”
        Marilyn Lynch, RN
        Coordinator of Health Services, Excelsior Springs, MO
        June 2008

“... When the Melrose school nurses received computers through our state ESH grant approximately 8 years ago, we were excited to be able to utilize the SNAP program. It changed the face of school nursing ... It has been our goal to someday update the SNAP program. With obtaining a newer computer this year, and with your generous help, we were able to accomplish this. We are thrilled with the new program, and are still enjoying exploring all the options. Receiving this program is such a morale booster! Thank you again for your time and hard work...”
        Mrs. Gail McCarty RN BSN, School Nurse
        Mrs. Cynthia Boyle, Principal
        Mr. Thomas Lew, IT parent volunteer
        Mr. Charles Loycano, IT parent volunteer
        St. Mary's School, Melrose, MA

“I just wanted to let everyone at SNAP know how happy we continue to be with the software program and the company in general. My district has been using the program since the start of the 2000 school year  ...  In the 6 years of running, the district has not been out of service (except for our ailing computers themselves). I started school nursing with this program and can not imagine working without it ... No one touches my SNAP ... At SNAP everyone is outstanding. There is no member of your team, from sales, tech support to the engineers that I have not been impressed with. Thank you for all you do!”
        Jean Afzali RN, BSN, MEd, NCSN
        School Nurse, Weymouth, MA

“I am just amazed at how you guys can answer questions without even looking things up...it is just fabulous support!”
        Diane Mancuso, RN
        West Hartford, CT Public Schools

“Terrific! SNAP Health Center is very easy to use. I can always find what I need in the comprehensive data database. If I have a question, it is easy to contact PSNI and receive a quick response.”
        Joanne Rowe, RN
        School Nurse at Medway High School, Medway, MA

“SNAP Health Center serves the needs of our large school district. The program is high quality and very user friendly.”
        Barbara Sandstrom, RN, BSN
        Health Services Coordinator at Council Rock School District, Richboro, PA

“SNAP is fun to use and gives you a sense of security.”
        Ellen Zimmerman, RN, BS
        School Nurse at Sandown, NH & former president of the NH School Nurse Assoc. and state delegate to NASN.

“Training and tech support are great! It’s so nice to call and talk to a nurse who speaks the same language.”
        Judy Forehand, RN
        Supervising Nurse, Enterprise City Schools, AL