Visit Log

The SNAP Health Center Visit Log allows complete and comprehensive documentation for any type of student health encounter or meeting/conference. The Visit Log consists of two parts: Visit Summary and Visit Details. The Visit Summary provides a daily overview of all student visits, while the Visit Details displays the specifics of each visit, thus providing a complete and seamless user interface. With one-click access to the student health record from the Visit Log, critical student information is always immediately available. .

Documenting visit encounters provides users with streamlined point-and-click selection based on fully customizable pick-lists. Pick-list items allow for statistic gathering to promote accurate tracking and meaningful use of health data, while additional areas allow for freeform narrative and notes. Visit Templates promote instant entry of common visits and ensure district protocols are followed for specific visit types. Definitions and codes may be added to pick-list items to create a knowledge database allowing for a greater standard of care and the ability to incorporate state-specific or district documentation policies.

Points of Interest:
  • Date, time-in, and time-out automatically log for each visit
  • Quick access to student demographic data, health alerts and visit history
  • Visit charting uses the preferred nursing documentation format (i.e. SOAP note)
  • Most extensive selection of nursing/psychological assessments in the industry
  • Customizable visit selections suit individual needs
  • Includes NANDA taxonomy database
  • Context sensitive selection lists allow for faster data entry
  • Visit Templates enable "common visits" to be charted in seconds
  • Body image allows for quick body part identification and selection
  • PRN medications administered directly from a visit
  • Narrative notes include word processing features
  • Accident reports automatically complete using the information in the visit
  • Visit billing features are integrated for easy reimbursement of services rendered
  • Restrictions on documentation changes for past visits ensure security
  • Append feature and audit trail keep track of all data changes