Immunization Component

Student vaccination records are stored as part of the student health record and contain all compliance information. Annual updates are provided to reflect the most recent state immunization requirements. These rules can be downloaded and immediately applied to all records.

Evaluation criteria allows for automatic compliance checking with an unlimited number of rule sets. Compliance evaluates the date entered to the calendar date as well as the student's DOB. If a student is non-compliant, the student is automatically flagged and an in-depth description is given as to why. Exemptions, including a manual override exemption, and future dates based on conditional enrollment, are part of the standard feature-set.

Extensive reporting for non-compliant students, proof of vaccination certificates, future compliance, vaccine exemptions, etc. offer maximum flexibility of data tracking. Auto-generated, student specific immunization form letters can be generated individually or in mass and mailed/emailed directly to parents.

PSNI has a dedicated Nursing Informatics team to evaluate state requirements, develop downloadable files and offer support. This team has established relationships with the CDC and many state agencies; no other provider of software has the experience PSNI has in this area.

Points of Interest:
  • Vaccination history is located in the student's Health Record for easy review
  • Quick and easy documentation of past and current student vaccines
  • Unlimited vaccination history for each student
  • Automatic calculation of student age during vaccine entry
  • Conditional enrollment with a future expiration dates are easily documented
  • Customizable natural disease and medical/philosophical exemption lists
  • Immunization notes have word processing features
  • Downloadable individual state immunization requirements
  • Downloadable requirements are analyzed and updated on a yearly basis
  • Customizable immunization types and compliance criteria
  • Phased-in immunization requirements include 6 levels of “grand fathering”
  • Immunizations are automatically checked against requirements for compliance
  • Automatic alerts warn you of non-compliant students
  • Automatic calculation of when a next scheduled dose is due
  • Comprehensive immunization Reports track non-compliance, conditions, enrollment and exemptions